EP 13- Season 3 Predictions & Thoughts

fsocietyirc.podcast/ a mr robot show

Season Three Predictions and Thoughts

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Elliot- Will the battle continue with Mr.Robot ?

Will the third Personality emerge ?

How will Angela’s Relationship Change with

him now that she is part of the gang?

Darlene- Will She go Lulz on us and flip?

Did Elliot plan things so far out that if

someone were caught this was needs to done /

Will Whiterose kill Darlene?

Can Darlene get out of this ?

DOM- Will She get her man Tyrell Wellick ?

Will She figure out that Elliot is the Mastermind?

Will She find out who has comprise the FBI?

Will She live?

Price- Will is compupance come this season ?

Does Angela new position in the fsociety/ dark

army effect their weird relationship/

Who are the other powerful persons in the room ?

Tyrell Wellick- How off the deep will he go this season ?

Will we get an origin story of him ?

Joanne Wellick – Will her scheme work ?

Does she flee the states?

Get That money ?

Whiterose- Will all Her Dream Come True ?

Mr.Robot- Now What ?

Angela- How Much of Boss Bitch Will She Be This Year ?

Leon, Tenton, Mosby- Will the dynamic duo recreate the

cryptokey ?

Will Leon Stop Them ?

The Season Plans



Blowing Up The Death Star

What Next

ARG Mr.Robot Game

Review of Book

Washington Township Plant The Ultimate MacGuffin

Maybe last thing the

Visual Music EP

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Music Accreditation

The Life Above The Clouds by Maxim Kornyshev

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Summer 1919 by Unheard Music Concepts is licensed under a Attribution License.
Based on a work at http://www.unheardmusicconcepts.com
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://www.unheardmusicconcepts.com or contact artist via email.


Quite Music For Tiny Robots The February Album



The Crossroads Ars Sonor and Total ET

Timethod 2016 http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Ars_Sonor__Total_ET/Timethod/04-The_Crossroads

Metropolis (Bounte Mix)

SMP CyberPunk Community Soundtrack No 02


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